不好意思,看完後大致是Marketing or Finance 此兩領域。請問是否有唸Economics此方面的學長姐呢?謝謝。


基本上MBA students很少major in Economics. 不知您想從事何種工作?如果是券商的總經分析師還是有MBA graduate在做的,但是有許多Econ phd或是Econ Master會來跟妳搶工作. 如果只是單純想加強對於Economics的了解,Stern在這方面的師資也是蠻好的.像2004年經濟學諾貝爾獎得主Rober Engle就是Stern的教授。(經cchsu40更正:Robert F. Engle III 是2003年經濟學諾貝爾獎得主 )


I was an Economics and Finance major.

Have been very grateful that I took a course from our US#1 economist Nouriel Roubini. (See ) He is just impressive. Period. Go thru his chat room should you have any doubts.

As for the post-ibank career path question, one thing that I have come to realization is that, my experience at Stern has enpowered me to 1) take on jobs that I have not even thought of (such as my current career as an equity analyst) 2) to be not fear of change and take on new roles. I still fancy a marketing job. Who knows if I will work for Sushi and Shopgirl in 5 years? I would put down $100 to bet that more than half of us will be sitting in a different field.

Bottom line - I used to care about my career path; now I don't. I hope those of you who will graduate soon and those who will join our Stern community in the coming year will be empowered the same way.

I would also encourage you not to limit yourselves (at least academic wise) on certain disciplines - don't come in with a goal of "I just want to develop on marketing/finance". I felt that courses that I have taken outside of finance have helped me more than anything else. I also regret that I didn't take the chance to learn about new product strategies (especially Sushi has often rubbed it in by telling me how cool her marketing classes are). MBA is called MBA for a reason. Some are better off applying to M. Finance instead of MBA. Take advantage of the broad offerings of Stern.


Stern當然有人唸Econ啊! 不然我們那麼多經濟學權威的教授是教假的嗎?我知道的同學裡就有主修econ的, 只是都不是台灣人...

Professor Roubini的部分Babe學長已經提過了, 但我還想補充一下. 他是柯林頓政府時期的幕僚, 我現在正在修他的International Macroeconomic Policy, 聽他上課真的能感受到他豐富的學問內涵, 他對全球經濟與新興市場環境非常熟悉, 他身為義大利裔美人也教我們用國際化的角度來看世界, 最近Stern的學生社團Sales and Trading Club還請他來跟華爾街知名總經分析師們針對全球總經情勢舉行辯論, 讓聽眾們感受到經濟學切身的實用之處, 對於一年級要找sales and trading job的學生面試也非常有用!

Robert Engle我下學期想去聽他開的Volatility. 當然是要聽這位ARCH Model的發明人兼諾貝爾經濟學獎得主的親身說法啊!

並且, 據我所知, Stern是top B-school裡少數在第一年把個經與總經分開上下學期教的.理由是:經濟其實是金融的基礎, 學校希望我們打好紮實的基礎再去深造金融知識.

不知道這樣有沒有回答到你的問題. 簡而言之就是, Stern還是有人唸經濟的, 而且我看他們還唸的挺高興說.


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