請問Stern和Columbia最大的差別為何?因為兩家同位於紐約市,同樣以財務聞名。What truely distinguishes Stern from Columbia or other schools? 謝謝。


A lot of people askthe following question: what truly distinguish Stern from Columbia?


Yes, it is people that truly distinguish Stern and Columbia. I truly think that Stern is a truly collaborative community. People help each other, share information, have fun together, and most important of all, live together. I personally see doing MBA as a multi-lateral game (多邊賽局). If people coordinate and collaborate, everyone can step out of the "prisoner's dilemma" and create synergies for the entire group of people. And everyone in the group benefits from the result of coordination and collaboration. At Stern, this is exactly what I have observed. Building up a helpful and colloaborative network is one of the most important task for you in MBA, and, to me, Stern is the answer to that.


這個問題經常有人提出。我沒有唸過Columbia或其他的MBA,比較可能失之主觀,但還是盡量分享一些Stern和其他top b-schools不同之處:



我這一路觀察,發現就像你在板上看到的,Stern的人和其他學校相較,非常活潑有趣熱情,有衝勁卻沒身段。我們不是整天把自己關在圖書館算習題的書蟲,或是動不動就拿各種framework或model嚇人的所謂「菁英」,而是是能讀書、能找工作、也懂的享受生活的全方位MBA學生。更重要的是,Sternies truly love our school!


第二,最好的part-time program

Stern有全美國排名第一的part-time MBA program,這點是Columbia或其他學校無法比較的 (Columbia應該沒有part-time program) 。Stern的part-timer通常是來自紐約各大企業的優秀人才,如果你選修晚上的課程,就有很多機會和這些人一起修課。他們上課的報告presentation或發言都是企業的第一手資訊,讓人受益無窮。當然,如果你更積極,要透過這些part-timers找到實習或畢業後的工作,也不是沒有可能的。

第三,Downtown Advantage

Stern的slogan "Downtown, Down to Earth, Down to Business",充分說明我們地點上的優勢。Columbia也是在紐約,但如果你仔細研究,會發現我們在人文娛樂薈萃的格林威治村,而Columbia則在西北邊,向東多走幾步就是治安不甚佳的哈林區,附近也沒有太多的娛樂或人文活動。


誰說Stern沒有校園,Downtown NYC就是我們的校園!


比方說,Stern的EMT( Entertainment, Media & Technology) 學程就有一系列豐富的娛樂媒體產業課程,經常請來紐約各大相關企業的人來上課。紐約大都會歌劇院的知名的總經理Volpe,在Stern開了Managing Performing Arts,我下學期的課表上,還有Movie Marketing和Luxury Marketing (精品行銷),都很令我期待。

至於跟企業的合作,我們有Stern Consulting Corp,由學生顧問團免費為紐約市各大組織或中小企業進行consulting project,同時由國際知名企管顧問公司的現任顧問們擔任專案指導。我雖然沒有時間參加,但聽參加過的同學表示,這是非常棒的經驗。我自己在一年級時也有幸申請到Stern IDP (Integrated Development Program) marketing track﹝除此之外還有finance和consulting track)。IDP是和紐約知名企業合作的mentoring program,為期十次,每個月都去該企業和義務參加此計畫的mentors交流,他們也會跟我們分享正在進行的行銷企劃,甚至指導我們如何準備暑期實習面試,以及進入大企業的成功秘訣。

差點忘了說,NYU的法、藝術、電影學院都是數一數二的好,如果你有興趣也可以修一些別系的課。昨天就聽一個同學說他參加了Unilever為NYU電影系和MBA學生合辦的電影製作比賽,由Stern的學生提出Business Plan,Tisch(電影系)的學生當導演,贏得business plan的組別就能讓Unilever出錢讓你拍電影,超酷的!



Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late response. I am also a second-year MBA student at Stern specializing in finance. I am also from Taiwan, but I lived in California for a few years before moving to New York to attend Stern. I am also happy to answer any questions that you may have about Stern! Please excuse me as I don't have Chinese software on my computer so I am going to write in English. Here are some additional thoughts to Savana's question on how Stern is distinguished from Columbia and other business schools:

I cannot emphasize enough that Stern's location really makes a difference. It affects my daily lifestyle and the relationships I build with my classmates. As Sushi mentioned earlier, the Stern building is located in the Greenwich Village, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops, all within walking distance. I come to school almost daily either for classes or to work on group or student activity projects. While we are in school, we often go grab lunch or coffee together or meet in nearby cafes to discuss our projects or just to hang out. Or after a long day of studying or meetings, we would also often go to a restaurant or bar together and unwind before we head home. Living here is very similar to living in Taipei (except for obvious differences such as it is snowing outside now). If I want to see my friends, I can just call them up anytime: "what are you doing? did you eat yet?" And we could meet anywhere in Manhattan at just a short subway or cab ride away. 

This was completely different when I went to college in California. My college had a beautiful suburban campus, but the culture there was: everyone drives to school. Places are very spread out so there was nowhere to walk to go eat or hang out with fellow classmates. After classes, we basically just drove home. If we wanted to meet up, we have to plan ahead. For example, "let's meet Friday at Muse at 9pm." We simply won't just play it by ear like we do at Stern. Stern makes it much more easier to build friendships. 

This past summer, I worked with a few interns from Duke, Michigan, and Wharton. Based on their descriptions, their lifestyle is similar to my college experience. They live in suburban or rural areas, and they drive to school. They usually go home after class unless they have to stay at school to study or work on group projects, and they eat in their school cafeterias. They also have a weekly gatherings such as our "Beer Blast," but their social and cultural life just seems much more limited than ours in comparison. 

Further, as Manhattan is such an attractive place to work post-graduation, from time to time, we also get together with "MBA3's", or last year's graduates from Stern, who are currently working in New York City. Even though they are now busy Wall Street bankers, strategy consultants, or star marketers, we still keep a tight network and see them regularly at parties or gatherings over the weekends. Sometimes they even bring "MBA4's" or "MBA5's." This provides a great mentoring and networking resource to us as well. 

To give you an example of how we leverage our New York advantage, recently, my team and I just completed a brand strategy consulting project for an Internet company here in New York. For our Brand Planning class, we worked with this company to help them define their brand identity and presented recommendations to their executive management team. We were introduced to this company by a fellow Stern graduate who is currently working at this Internet company. Because she believed in the abilities of Stern students, she came back to Stern to ask students to help her complete this project for her company. After we finished our presentation to management, their head of marketing, who is a Columbia MBA, commented that he was immensely impressed with Stern's marketing program despite the fact that we are known as a finance school. On a personal level, I thought that it was great to gain hands-on marketing and consulting experience through working with real clients. 

I think this is a huge Stern advantage that is undersold in many of our publications. 

As for a comparison to Columbia, please refer to Sushi's earlier comments regarding their location. 

Hope this helps. Good luck everyone with the application process! 


請問Howl,能否比較一下Stern和UCLA呢 ?(歹勢...問不到UCLA的校友)。該校有成立"Entertainment & Media Management Institute ",MBA除了提供相關課程外也有和電影系密切配合,加上鄰近Hollywood地利之便,理所當然也成為我的夢幻學校之一,不知Sternies有任何建議嗎??


Hi Shena,

Thank you for your question. I am actually not familiar with UCLA's "Entertainment & Media Management Institute,"so to provide you with an adequate answer, I solicited some help from Stern's MEA (Media and Entertainment Association). Here is what they said:

"There are a few key differences between the two programs: 1. NYU Stern has a more direct focus on the "business side" of the Media/Entertainment world because of the school's location in NYC
2. Stern is also slightly more oriented toward media, TV, and music rather than film and technology (UCLA), although we have a growing student population and interest base in these areas as well
3. Stern has a very comprehensive EMT curriculum that includes over 20 graduate-level courses
4. Finally, Stern has big differentiators like the MBA Media & Entertainment Conference held every February (check out www.mbamec.com for details), ProMotion Pictures, and a close relationship with the world renowned Tisch School of the Arts

For more information, please check out www.sternmea.com for a more comprehensive break down of NYU Stern's MEA program."

From my understanding, Stern focuses more on television networks, media, and music because most of the large companies such as NBC, Time Warner, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. are headquartered in New York, while UCLA focuses more on film because the large film studios such as Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, etc. are located in LA. Because we are closer to these New York companies, our in-class speakers, professors, career event panelists, during-the-year internship opportunities, etc. will probably mostly come from these sources as well.

However, if you are interested in career opportunities in the film studios in LA, each year, Stern's MEA organizes an "LA Trek" to go on a recruiting tour of these film studios so you will not be missing out on these opportunities if you come to New York. Or if you are interested in working in a technology or new media company such as a video game company, Stern's TANG (Technology and New Media Group) organizes a "Bay Area Trek" each year to visit those companies in the Silicon Valley as well. Last year, I went on the TANG Bay Area Trek and visited many technology companies. There is also another Taiwanese MBA2 from Stern that completed his summer internship at Konami Corporation (the Japanese video game company that makes Dance Dance Revolution) in San Francisco this past summer. If anyone has specific questions about the TANG tour, I could answer them as well.

I hope this helps to answer your question. I actually went to UCLA for undergrad and took some accounting classes at Anderson, so if you have any questions regarding life in NY vs. LA, please feel free to let me know. Or If you have any other questions about Stern, I'll try my best to answer them as well. Good luck with your applications!


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