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在紐約從事個股研究調查(equity research):1
在紐約從事專案融資業務(project financing):1
在紐約從事創業投資(venture capital):1
在紐約從事未上市股票投資(private equity):2
在紐約從事投資銀行交易及顧問(transaction services):1
在香港從事投資銀行承銷業務(investment banking):2
在香港從事債券交易(sales and trading):1
在香港從事貴賓理財(private wealth management):1





For my personal experience, the career services in NYU Stern must be one of the best one in U.S. When discussing with friends in other schools, they are always surprised by our workshops or programs in career services office. For example, in first semester, OCD even hired HR consultants to do the mock interviews for students, and there are some panels held by international students to share their experiences. In addition, New York has so many opportunities, and we can leverage the strength here. 




Stern sounds exciting and excellent!想請教Stern畢業後的台灣學生所就職的地區和行業。謝謝。









Hi all, I am a Stern grad - perhaps I can offer a perspective from a person who has gone thru the whole process (and has enjoyed of course).

Just a quick intro of myself, obviously I read Chinese but will take me 3 hours to type up something (estimated by Sushi). Prior to coming to Stern, I have had the experience in the technology industry in oveseas and mainland. Currently employed as an equity analyst covering Greater China, I am happy to share with you my experience in NYC and my post-mba life.

First of all, I would take on Teresa's question - 可否介紹STERN是如何幫助學生尋求希望的工作與行業呢? Before I attempt to answer, I would like to give you a reality check of b-school in general. You will not be fed with job offers; you will need do thing that you have never been confortable with in the past and be a person that you have never envisioned before in order to succeed. Going back to your question, apart from the close ties every top schools has developed with industry big names, there are a number of things Stern offers.

1) Stern has done a great job in preparing one to be more polished for the whole recruiting process. MBA1s will spend their Fridays (no, we don't have classes on Fridays... I miss those days.) going thru countless work shops aiming to further develop various personal and professional aspects.

2) Stern/Sternies fosters a culture of strong bonding between MBA2s and 1s. (the fact that my MBA1 pulled me into this forum illustrates this exact point.) I benefited a whole lot from my seniors. I am still very grateful that I often got yelled at as an MBA1 back then. (Those with thin-skin please apply to other well-respected school. Yes, you will be yelled at here at Stern.) It is thru those very difficult times I sharpened my focus, developed life-long friendship with my seniors, and be very thankful in hindsight. I believe most of my fellow Sternies would agree with me that it's the MBA2s and the support they offer that help us all thru the process.

3) MBA1s will attend countless corporate presentations (organized by the school) and informationals (arranged by oneself). Being in downtown New York gives you great advantage but also hurts you. Because we can so close to the headquarters of major corporates, you automatically gain quick access to them. But being too close translates to a lot of hardship - these corporates can easily gauge your enthusiasm. If you don't visit them often, it tells them how little you want the job.

I would also like to tackle a general misconception. I see quite a few of you (and others) views Asia as a backup choice. Most applicants would feel that they got the language advantage and know the local industry, hence giving them an edge in the Asian job market. Conversations with any Asian grads and students would disprove this. Imagining every year there is at least 400 top-school MBAs with the same language advantage and local experience applying to positions in both US and Asia, one would realize it's equally tough to land something in Asian and US.

Lastly, chen1828 wrote that he/she wishes to strengthen IT的background和networking. I afraid you will be disappointed in any b-schools. Students come to b-schools for a different reason. I have had my industry background and contracts prior to Stern. It is the stuff outside of my old circles that has helped me the most. Think about why you want to apply and what you wish to develop first. Comments and questions are always welcome. 




可否請你們分享尋找暑期工讀和畢業後正職的經驗,期間所遇到的困難,ie, 企業僱用台灣人的意願,以及Stern在你們遭遇困難時所給予的協助。


Hi adif,

Regarding the career development for international students at Stern, I can answer you a bit from the perspective of a finance job searcher. Please take a look at the article below -

Again, I am not an expert in marketing/consulting, so I can only speak from finance. I guess sushi and others will be able to answer your question from other perspectives.





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